Community Solar Q&A’s - Construction 101

Team Nexamp | Apr 01, 2019

In this Community Solar Q&A, Chris from our EPC team explains how our community solar projects are built.

Solar Farm Construction 101

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m on the EPC team over here at Nexamp. Building solar projects on rooftops and open land is all we do at Nexamp and while each project is a little different, they all follow the same basic process. Here’s an introduction to how a Nexamp solar project gets built.

Once a site is identified and we reach agreement with the property owner, Permitting is the first stage of the process. At Nexamp, we work closely with municipalities to ensure we’re in compliance with environmental regulations and zoning laws. Local residents provide feedback that we consider and act on when finalizing our solar project plan.

When the project is permitted and we have approval from both the electrical and building inspectors to proceed, construction can begin. Finding the right people to complete the project is a critical component of the construction process so we make sure to spend time identifying the right team for each project. A Nexamp construction manager is on-site daily monitoring the installation of the equipment. Next, we conduct tests to ensure the array is working safely and properly. And because our crews are working year-round, we sometimes schedule extra time due to weather delays.

Here’s something that might surprise you; during the final stages of construction, we partner with local nurseries to seed and plant vegetation native to the environment.

When construction is completed, Interconnection can begin. Once Nexamp completes a project, the local utility is responsible for connecting it to the electric grid. The most important step in this process is called a witness test.

Now you may be wondering, what’s a witness test? Well, it’s a test that all solar PV power plants require that ensures that all operational elements of the equipment are properly commissioned and connected to the grid. It’s a critical step to ensure that our solar project is working safely and effectively.

Scheduling the witness test with our team and the utility’s team can sometimes be challenging, and with the rapid growth in the solar industry, more and more projects are awaiting to be interconnected to the grid.

Once the project has passed the witness test and the required paperwork is completed by the utility, the project goes live and starts generating clean, renewable energy directly from the sun.

At Nexamp, we’re committed to ensuring our community solar program is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. If you are interested in learning more about your project timeline, contact our support team at support@nexamp.com or 855-727-4636. Thanks for watching!

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