Newsweek: "America's Green Warriors"

Edith Shi | Jul 03, 2009

Newsweek: "America's Green Warriors" July 2, 2009.  You might think that Dan Leary, now 32, had other things to worry about when he decided he'd start a solar company.  In 2005, while on active duty in the Kuwaiti desert, Cpt. Leary drafted a business plan to make solar panels.  With the cost of oil increasing, he figured public and government interest in solar and renewable energy was set to amp up.  "When you're actually sitting downrange, and you're looking at where oil comes from up close, you can see that this stuff is not sustainable," says Leary, who figured the MBA he earned before the military combined with his experience overseeing construction projects for the Army would help him transition back into civilian life. Link to Article



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