Op-Ed: [Commonwealth Magazine] Solar Power is Not a Zero Sum Game

Edith Shi | Mar 29, 2016
MORE BAY STATERS ARE BENEFITING from solar power than ever before. Such widespread adoption of the technology represents a growing consumer desire to control and cut their electricity costs while reducing their environmental impact. It is the result of thoughtful, stable policies that have cultivated a solar workforce boasting 15,000 jobs and – at nearly 1,000 MW – a top-five national ranking in installed solar capacity. Most exciting for Massachusetts, with only about 2% of electricity coming from solar, the industry’s potential for continued growth is immense.

Unfortunately, this exemplary progress is grinding to a halt due to caps on net metering, the mechanism which compensates solar owners for the clean electricity they deliver to the grid. For nearly a year, these caps have been reached across most of the Commonwealth without resolution – a fact familiar to far too many municipalities, schools, and businesses that have seen their projects and savings delayed or even cancelled.

Read Nexamp CEO Zaid Ashai's whole Op-Ed at Commonwealth Magazine's website.

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