[Video] NBC 10 News: Solar panels helping RI to meet renewable energy goals

Edith Shi | May 21, 2015

RICHMOND, R.I.-Another new solar panel installation has gone up in Rhode Island. The latest one, in Richmond, will not only generate revenue for the town, but it is a learning tool for Chariho students.

It's not a huge set of solar panels, but enough, strung together, to generate more renewable energy, helping to meet the goal set by the state of Rhode Island more than a decade ago.

About 1,600 solar panels now sit on what was once vacant town-owned land, generating enough electricity to power 100 homes, and bring in $3,000 in annual tax revenue to the town of Richmond.

With more states offering towns, businesses and homeowners more incentives to install and use renewables, it's driving down the cost of generating the power this way.

Palmer Moore, the director of Distributed Generation at Massachusetts-based Nexamp, which is one of the biggest companies of its kind in New England, that built the one is Richmond, tells NBC10 "This has been a great driver for getting renewable energy to a point where it's very cost-effective and very sustainable over the long term."

Over the past two years, Nexamp has involved Chariho students throughout the entire construction process.

Link to full story at NBC 10

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