Engineering, Procurement And Construction

Building a solar farm or deploying a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is no easy feat. It takes organization, vision and an eye for detail – and it requires that every piece comes together at exactly the right time, in the right way and at the right cost. The Nexamp Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) team is a group of talented, passionate professionals who have designed and built hundreds of solar farms and storage projects in the widest variety of conditions imaginable.

Nexamp is unique in its ability to offer a full suite of EPC services in-house, maintaining complete control over each step of the process for industry-leading results. With extremely high standards, the EPC team ensures that only the best in design, components and building practices make it into a Nexamp project.

Our EPC Services



In-house engineers handle every stage of the project, from civil to electrical and mechanical. Using the latest software and technology, Nexamp engineers follow a precise plan for maximizing the available space and designing an installation that blends seamlessly with the surrounding land or rooftop space.


Nexamp has developed trusted supplier relationships over the years, bringing field-tested and proven materials to each project at the right price. By sourcing in bulk and leveraging best-of-class materials, we are able to maintain consistency in our results and ensure that each solar farm or storage solution achieves maximum performance.



Each project has a team of experienced construction professionals assigned to maintaining safety, productivity and quality. The Nexamp construction group works with local contractors and adapts to changing weather and guidelines to keep projects on track and on budget.

By offering a complete portfolio of services through an in-house team of knowledgeable and certified professionals, we have built a reputation for high quality and long-term reliability.


Our Projects

From ground-mount to rooftop and from small to large, we build it all. Check out our project portfolio and see the industry-leading work of our EPC team.

Nexamp Projects

Success Stories

Our EPC team faces many challenges when building solar and storage projects. From unexpected weather issues to challenging terrain and tight deadlines, the team continues to shine through. Check out some of our recent success stories below.

Upton Solar
Dartmouth Solar