Who We Work With



Rooftop Solar

Property owners

We partner with owners of commercial buildings to lease rooftop space for the design and construction of a solar array that generates clean solar energy. Experienced Nexamp team members know how to maximize space and protect existing infrastructure for the best results.

Our Experience

Nexamp’s property development team has more than a decade of proven experience. We know how to turn the right location or structure into a solar generating asset that produces clean energy for the local grid while producing long-term income for the land or building owner. Most importantly, Nexamp owns and operates each solar project, meaning we’re your partner for the long term.


Our Projects

We have hundreds of projects that range from large ground-mount installations to compact rooftop setups. See our many different projects and how we turn available space into a clean-energy-generating, revenue-producing asset.

Nexamp Projects

We are currently building and operating solar projects across the U.S.

We’re continuously expanding into new regions for solar development. If you have property you would like us to consider for a Nexamp solar project, please contact us. We’d love to talk.

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Project Development Checklist

Our team of experts handles every detail of each solar project, regardless of size or location. From start to finish, we seamlessly cover every step of the project lifecycle, including:


Property feasibility analysis




Project financing


Utility interconnection

Design Eng

Design and engineering

O and M

Operations and maintenance


Permitting at the local, state and federal level (where applicable)

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…all at no cost to the property owner.

Our Teams

One of the things that makes Nexamp different is that we own and operate all of our solar projects. Our landowner partners like knowing that we are the ones they’ll work with for the long haul. Nexamp has all the capability needed in-house, with teams of experts who bring years of solar generation experience to every project.

Nexamp energy Center

Nexamp Asset Management Services (NAMS)

We have a team that monitors and maintains every solar project around the clock, ensuring maximum performance and revenue generation. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, diagnostics, aerial inspections, performance testing, incident reporting, performance metrics…these are some of the things our NAMS team handles.


Engineer, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Every project is engineered in-house and overseen by a team of Nexamp construction professionals during every phase of build-out. We source all of our own materials and leverage our long-standing supplier relationships to ensure the best quality results for long-term performance.


Project Acquisition

Nexamp works with other developers to purchase completed projects or take over development in the early stages. We rigorously evaluate every opportunity to ensure it fits with our high standards before making it part of our growing portfolio.

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