Burgess Solar


Plymouth, MA


647 Kilowatts

Project Name


Burgess Solar

Burgess Solar is a 647 kW array that is located on a previously underdeveloped portion of an active cranberry bog in Plymouth, MA. The array consists of approximately 2,024 panels and spans more than four acres. Through Nexamp's community solar program, more than 20 area residents, small businesses and non-profits share in the electricity savings generated by the array. The remainder of electricity savings benefits Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the world’s leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education.

Project Benefits

  • Brings solar savings to over 20 Eversource customers through community solar.



Annual Estimated Production:

866950 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

1,351,576 Pounds