Charlton Solar 2 - under construction


Charlton, MA


1,834 Kilowatts

Project Name


Charlton Solar 2

This project represents Nexamp’s fourth solar array in the town of Charlton and is essentially an expansion of the existing array on Griffin Road. More than 5,000 solar panels across the two locations provide a total of nearly 2 MW of generating capacity, which is enough to cover the power needs of 250 average households. This project provides multiple benefits to the community, such as the ability for residents to save money on their electric bills as well as the creation of local jobs throughout the construction and maintenance process. Nexamp leverages its large footprint and extensive experience in community solar across Massachusetts to bring clean energy to the Charlton area.

Project Benefits

  • Savings to 250+ National Grid customers

Energy User:

Over 250 Community Solar Customers



Annual Estimated Production:

2345000 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

3,316,000 Pounds