IBEW Local 103 Solar & Storage


Boston, MA


220 Kilowatts


IBEW Local 103 Solar & Storage

Nexamp has worked with IBEW Local 103 to build a solar + storage project operated by Nexamp. Nexamp plans to utilize the 100 kW/ 210 kWh AC-coupled, lithium-ion battery energy storage system and 220 kW solar array to reduce IBEW's demand charges and overall energy costs.

Nexamp’s project with IBEW Local 103 is located in Dorchester, MA and builds on the IBEW’s history of strong environmental stewardship and leadership. Located behind the IBEW’s meter, the system is expected to produce 265,000 kWh of electricity per year, meeting more than 60% of the building’s electricity needs with clean energy. Pairing the solar array with energy storage will allow IBEW to store electricity produced by the solar array to use when it is most needed, meeting peak demand and expecting to reduce demand charges by up to 33%.

Project Benefits

  • Reduced demand charges

  • Improved environmental stewardship