Nashoba Valley Technical High School District


Westford, MA


101 Kilowatts


Going Green with No Upfront Capital Costs

Through a power purchase agreement, this 506-panel system provides clean energy to Nashoba Valley Technical High School, without having to own or maintain the system. The installation offsets 10 percent of the school's $220,000 annual electricity bill.This project had the added benefit of providing the technical school’s students with some great, hands-on experience. Students were able to learn firsthand the process of installing solar panels. In addition, students will be able to monitor the real-time energy output through Nexamp’s web-based data acquisition system.

Project Benefits

  • Offsets 10% of school’s electricity bill

  • No investment or ownership responsibilities for the school district

  • Educational partnership through installation training and real-time monitoring



Annual Estimated Production:

132360 Kilowatt-hours