New Braintree Solar


New Braintree, MA


660 Kilowatts

Project Name


Expanding Community Solar in Central MA

The first commercial-scale solar project built in the town, New Braintree Solar generates much needed tax revenue for the agricultural Central MA community. This community solar project transforms underutilized land into a source of local electricity generation and cost savings for 40+ area residents and small businesses without permanently altering the landscape. After the 25+ year productive lifetime of the panels, the land will be returned to its original state, having generated substantial lease revenue for the local small business that owns the parcel. Nexamp is currently working with adjacent landowners to install additional community solar arrays that further expand access to the benefits of solar to energy users that cannot take advantage of on-site PV generation.

Project Benefits

  • Brings clean energy savings to over 40 area National Grid customers through community solar

  • Secures recurring lease revenue for the local small business that owns the land

Energy User:

Worcester Academy, 40+ Community Solar Subscribers



Annual Estimated Production:

881400 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

1,238,000 Pounds