Palmer Breckenridge Solar


Palmer, MA


5,657 Kilowatts

Project Name


Palmer Breckenridge Solar

With the new Nexamp community solar farm in Palmer that produces 5.7 MW of energy, area residents who get their electricity from National Grid will be able to save money on their monthly electric bill by subscribing to the community solar program. Spanning 28.8 acres and made up of 15,714 solar panels, Palmer Breckenridge Solar can serve hundreds of subscribers and is an important part of Nexamp’s expanding portfolio of solar projects across the Northeast. Nexamp projects are designed to bring savings to the local community while providing a boost to the local economy.

Project Benefits

  • Savings to 750+ National Grid customers

Energy User:

More than 750 Community Solar Customers



Annual Estimated Production:

7353000 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

10,400,000 Pounds