Plainfield Solar


Plainfield, MA


2,703 Kilowatts

Project Name


Plainfield Solar

With a population of less than 1,000 residents, Plainfield at one time faced the prospect of being forced to host a section of a controversial natural gas pipeline. Today, Plainfield is home to Plainfield Solar, a 2.7 MW community solar farm by Nexamp that provides clean, sustainable energy to the grid for area residents and other WMECO utility customers. The 16.8-acre site features 7,614 solar panels and can offset the energy needs of more than 350 average homes. In addition to renewable energy, this project brings cost savings and job opportunities to the community.

Project Benefits

  • Savings to 350+ WMECO customers

Energy User:

Over 350 Community Solar Subscribers



Annual Estimated Production:

3356000 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

4,746,000 Pounds