PVN Milliken


Ontario, CA


3,169 Kilowatts


PVN Milliken

Located in Ontario, California, the PVN Milliken solar project was acquired by Nexamp in 2017 and now is completely owned and operated as a Nexamp asset. The facility is built on a capped landfill maintained by the county of San Bernardino, and provides a source of long-term lease income while making beneficial use of otherwise undevelopable land. This is an important plant for Nexamp as it represents our first entry into the California market.

Comprising nearly 10,000 panels across 15 acres, the site currently is the only ISO-level project in the Nexamp portfolio and the only one operating on a landfill. Southern California Edison purchases all the generated energy through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement. 

Project Benefits

  • Developed on a capped landfill

  • Provides long-term lease income to the county of San Bernardino

Energy User:

Southern California Edison



Annual Estimated Production:

5329400 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

7,538,000 Pounds