Sutton Solar


Sutton, MA


2,600 Kilowatts


Turning a Former Gravel Quarry into New Revenue

Located on the Sutton/Northbridge town line, Nexamp’s Sutton Solar is built on the site of a depleted gravel quarry, turning underutilized land into a productive source of income for private landowners and tax revenue for the towns of Sutton and Northbridge, Massachusetts.

As one of the largest community solar projects in the Northeast to date, Sutton Solar will save more than 100 local residents, small businesses and nonprofits millions of dollars over the lifetime of the project through Nexamp’s community solar program. The project also will provide substantial energy cost savings to Wheaton College and the Town of Easton, Massachusetts.

Project Benefits

  • Brings clean energy savings to over 100 area National Grid customers through community solar

  • Helps monetize underutilized land that had previously been used as a gravel pit and racetrack

  • Supported 22 local jobs through construction and ongoing maintenance

Energy User:

Town of Easton, Wheaton College, Over 100 Community Solar Customers



Annual Estimated Production:

3500000 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

4,920,000 Pounds