Westerlo (East)


Westerlo, NY


6,996 Kilowatts

Certified Wildlife
Project Name


Westerlo (East)

Built on open land behind the former Shepard Farm resort that peaked in popularity in the mid-1900s and closed more than a quarter century ago, Westerlo (East) is part of a new community solar farm that brings electricity savings to Central Hudson Gas & Electric customers in the area. The Westerlo solar project is made up of two equal sections – East and West – each including just over 18,000 solar panels and generating 7 MW of clean power. The construction and long-term operation of these solar farms provide a variety of employment opportunities that enhance the local economy.

Project Benefits

  • Energy savings for area subscribers

Energy User:

Community Solar Customers



Annual Estimated Production:

8675040 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

10,914 Pounds