Located atop the West Warwick Public Schools’ Benny Magiera Ice Rink and Thomas A. Lamb Memorial Field House, these two solar arrays feed enough clean energy onto the local utility grid to power 50 homes and help the town meet its sustainability goals.A low-profile racking system and smart inverters tucked underneath the modules make the project virtually undetectable from ground level. This design also eliminates the need for a concrete pad, wall space, or room inside of the building by keeping all of the equipment on the roof, and away from the general public, while allowing our engineers to maximize project capacity.The project is the first solar project in Rhode Island to utilize a public/private Virtual Net Metering agreement, whereby Nexamp will own the project while the Town of West Warwick will receive benefits from the generated electricity. Combined with three wind turbines also under construction, this solar project will make the Town of West Warwick the first community in Rhode Island to meet 100% of its electricity needs with locally-sourced, locally-owned renewable energy.
Energy User:
Town of West Warwick
513,800 kW