Nexamp worked with a national chain of fitness centers to install solar at their Harrison, New York facility in 2015. To maximize capacity on the obstruction-filled roof, we adopted a compressed layout and installed modules at a 5° tilt. Due to the resulting high snow load, we added Long Claw supports to reinforce modules and maintain module warranties. While the voltage drop necessary for the 600V system was difficult to work with over such a large roof, the design voltage allowed us to shorten panel strings, minimizing shading impacts on energy production. Aesthetics were a critical design consideration for this upscale gym. Conduit was routed to a non-visible side of the building and painted to match the building. We installed the central inverter behind a screen matching the existing fence which also dampens equipment noise. Because the facility only closes from 12-4am each night, we coordinated closely with our client and the local utility to execute the interconnection over two, four-hour periods to avoid any interruption to gym services.

751,200 kW