Ashby Solar


Fitchburg, MA


2,413 Kilowatts

Nexamp’s second project in the city Fitchburg, MA, Ashby Solar is comprised of two separate arrays totaling 2.4MW. The project was acquired from SoCore Energy (now ENGIE Distributed Solar) during the development phase, and was financed, constructed and will be maintained by the Nexamp team. Over it's lifetime, the project will produce over 3,000,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy each year that it is operation.Through Nexamp’s Community Solar program, the City of Fitchburg as well as 70 residents, small businesses, and non-profits in the community will save over $3 Million on energy costs throughout the lifetime ofthe project.

Project Benefits

Brings clean energy savings to over 70 area Unitil customers through community solar
Provides predictable and long-term energy savings to the neighboring City of Fitchburg
Energy User:

The City of Fitchburg, 70+ Community Solar Subscribers



Annual Estimated Production:

3,029,700 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

4,510,000 Pounds