Charlton Solar


Charlton, MA


4,400 Kilowatts

A Triumph of Solar Engineering

Nexamp owns and operates this 4.4 MW ground-mounted plant in Charlton, Massachusetts. Among the many benefits of the installation, Nexamp has partnered with the Town of Westford to deliver substantial electricity cost savings through net metering credits, and the project serves as a new source of recurring tax revenue for the Town of Charlton. This installation will produce enough electricity to power more than 800 homes annually. Charlton Solar - the largest project built under the 2014 Managed Growth portion of Massachusetts’ SREC-II program - required creative engineering and operational solutions, such as blasting ledge. Nexamp’s innovative construction management enabled swift installation on undulating terrain with slopes of up to 60%.

Westford is committed to progressive strategies to reliably reduce its energy use and electricity costs. Our net metering credit partnership with Nexamp has allowed us to do so while supporting local sources of renewable energy and this is a remarkable achievement for our town.

John Mangiaratti, Assistant Town Manager
Town of Westford

Project Benefits

Over $300,000 in estimated annual electricity savings for the Town of Westford
New recurring tax revenue for the Town of Charlton
Offsets the CO2 emissions from 9450 barrels of oil
Energy User:

Town of Westford