Chelmsford Spring Water District


Chelmsford, MA


485 Kilowatts

In 2010, Nexamp was awarded contracts to install solar photovoltaic systems at 13 water and wastewater treatment plants whose energy consumption was a huge drain on municipal budgets. The projects were completed under the Massachusetts Solar Stimulus (MaSS) initiative, the state’s largest solar procurement.At the time of its installation, the system at Chelmsford Spring Water District was the Commonwealth’s largest ground-mounted solar array. The 485.1 kW solar plant generates enough annual electricity to offset 844,680 lbs. of carbon dioxide, and provides approximately half of the power for the water treatment facility.

Massachusetts has created a national model for making drinking water and wastewater treatment plants both energy efficient and on-site producers of clean energy. Through the effective investment of stimulus dollars, the Commonwealth is pleased to partner with Chelmsford on a project that further expands solar power in Massachusetts, puts people to work, and cuts carbon emissions in the course of protecting water quality and public health.

Ian Bowles, Energy and Environmental Secretary

Project Benefits

Powers approximately half of the water treatment facility’s needs
Significant cost savings for the plant and taxpayers


Annual Estimated Production:

852,808 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

844,680 Pounds