Hubbardston Solar


Hubbardston, MA


3,200 Kilowatts

Clean Energy Savings for the Town of Westford

This 3.2-megawatt solar plant located in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, provides about $125,000 in annual electricity savings to the Town of Westford through a 20- year net metering agreement. As with all power purchase agreements, energy users are under no obligation to own the land or the system or pay for maintenance—they simply lock in predictable, long-term electricity prices.

[Net metering is] a way to reduce costs without making any investments. There's no project in town, it's just a financial transaction. There's low overhead and it's a significant opportunity for savings.

John Mangiaratti, Assistant Town Manager
Town of Westford

Project Benefits

$125,000 in annual savings for the Town of Westford
Produces enough electricity to power more than 550 homes
Equivalent to taking 440 cars off the road
Energy User:

Town of Hubbardston



Annual Estimated Production:

4,679,000 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

6,452,000 Pounds