Nashoba Valley Technical High School District


Westford, MA


101 Kilowatts

Going Green with No Upfront Capital Costs

Through a power purchase agreement, this 506-panel system provides clean energy to Nashoba Valley Technical High School, without having to own or maintain the system. The installation offsets 10 percent of the school's $220,000 annual electricity bill.This project had the added benefit of providing the technical school’s students with some great, hands-on experience. Students were able to learn firsthand the process of installing solar panels. In addition, students will be able to monitor the real-time energy output through Nexamp’s web-based data acquisition system.

This system will allow the school to meet the district's goal of becoming as energy efficient as possible while staying on budget. Going green is an extension of the school's constant effort to best maintain its building.

Judith Klimkiewicz, School Superintendent
Nashoba Valley Technical High School

Project Benefits

Offsets 10% of school’s electricity bill
No investment or ownership responsibilities for the school district
Educational partnership through installation training and real-time monitoring


Annual Estimated Production:

132,360 Kilowatt-hours