Terrapin Branch Solar


West Friendship, MD


1,193 Kilowatts

Terrapin Branch Solar

Terrapin Branch Solar is a 1.2 MW array situated on five acres in West Friendship, Maryland. The site uses approximately 3,670 panels to generate power that feeds the Baltimore Gas & Electric Grid. The energy serves Living Classrooms, a nonprofit organization that strives to disrupt the cycle of poverty by serving individuals and building skills for life. Acquired in 2018, and co-located with four other solar arrays on a section of former farmland, Terrapin Branch Solar is fully owned and operated by Nexamp and represents an important source of renewable energy for the area. 

Project Benefits

Provides energy to serve nonprofit Living Classrooms
Energy User:

Living Classrooms



Annual Estimated Production:

1,604,300 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

2,268,000 Pounds