New England’s Largest Rooftop Solar System

Generating roughly 3 million kilowatt-hours per year, the 2.4-megawatt West Davisville project is the most powerful rooftop solar system in all of New England, supplying enough clean electricity to power 500 Rhode Island homes. Covering more than eight acres of roof, it is virtually undetectable to passersby at ground level.

The system is located in the Quonset Business Park atop former U.S. Navy Seabees facilities, built during World War II. The buildings’ lightweight concrete plank construction required an ultralight installation.

The project is one of the first and largest to be built under Rhode Island’s groundbreaking Distributed Generation Standard Contracts program, which has been praised for promoting cost-effective, locally sourced renewable energy. Under the program, all power is sold through a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement to the local utility, National Grid.

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This project shows how our legislature and Rhode Island can work to support domestic renewable energies, reduce environmental impacts, diversify state energy sources and stimulate economic activity all at once.
Lincoln D. Chafee
Former Governor
Rhode Island