A Landmark Achievement in Solar Leadership

The largest privately owned solar project in Massachusetts when built in 2012, our 4.5-megawatt project in Westford represents the successful public-private partnerships that have made the Commonwealth a national leader in solar.

Built on 22 acres of land, this solar facility helped create 50 jobs. The project was developed through a partnership between Nexamp, Cathartes Private Investments and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and was one of the largest solar projects spurred by the Massachusetts Green Communities Act.

The energy generated by the project brings savings to the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a federally funded research and development laboratory dedicated to advancing national security.

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Through successful public-private partnerships like this one with Cathartes and Nexamp, the amount of solar power installed in Massachusetts has soared in recent years...Massachusetts is in the midst of a solar revolution
Richard Sullivan
Former Secretary
Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Energy and Environmental Affairs