Whately Renewables - under construction


Whately, MA


1,330 Kilowatts

Whately Renewables

The second solar farm built by Nexamp in the town of Whately is a 5-acre site that features more than 4,500 ground-mounted solar panels generating 1.3 MW of energy for the community. With this production, the project will enable area households and businesses to save money each month on their WMECO electric bill by subscribing to community solar. In addition, the construction and maintenance of the solar farm enhances employment opportunities in the local community over the lifetime of the project.

Project Benefits

Savings for residential and commercial WMECO customers
Energy User:

Area Residents and Businesses



Annual Estimated Production:

1,630,000 Kilowatt-hours

Annual CO2 Reduction:

2,306,000 Pounds