Property Owners & Managers

Generating revenue for land and building owners

Property owners and managers can significantly reduce energy costs and achieve a high return on investment through solar power. Nexamp makes it simple.

We provide comprehensive site assessments for businesses, property owners and building managers to determine their property’s potential to take advantage of the many benefits of solar.

Building Owners

Nexamp makes solar power simple and profitable for building owners and developers through multiple turnkey solutions:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)—Nexamp will own and operate the system while you enjoy more competitive, stable electricity rates from day one, with no upfront costs.
  • Net Metering Credit Agreement—Even if your site isn’t suitable for solar, we can still help you enjoy lower electricity rates. In some states, Nexamp can sell you net metering credits from one of our many solar installations.


Nexamp works with private and public landowners to help them leverage the solar energy potential of their properties using a variety of options:

  • Land Lease—We monetize the value of your land through straightforward land leases.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)—Nexamp owns the system while you enjoy the solar savings.

Government and Schools

Nexamp works with municipalities, schools, water districts and other public partners of all sizes to cut their operating costs, create jobs and educate their students and communities about clean, secure energy.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)—Nexamp will build, own and operate systems that reduce and stabilize energy costs with no upfront investment.
  • Net Metering Credit Agreement—Even without hosting a project, Nexamp can still provide you with long-term savings.