Energy Storage for Office Buildings

Commercial buildings, such as offices and retail establishments, consume more than half of the electricity produced in this country. Functions such as climate control, lighting and electronics make up a majority of that consumption. In addition to improvements in energy efficiency, building owners and managers have a new option for managing electricity costs: a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

A BESS offers a number of benefits to commercial buildings, leveraging technology that is continually improving in capability and reliability. From cost savings and improved resilience to enhanced renewable energy performance and reduced environmental impact, energy storage is quickly becoming a critical component in the energy management toolbox of many building owners.

Installing a BESS enables buildings to operate more efficiently, and in a more environmentally responsible and energy independent manner. With energy storage, power is available to smooth out the demand curve and provide an alternative source of back-up power.

Benefits of a BESS:

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Nexamp is an end-to-end provider of Battery Energy Storage Systems, from design to installation to operations and maintenance.

Nexamp analyzes your electricity usage and designs a system that meets the needs of your facility. We handle all technology procurement and installation of your BESS.

Nexamp owns the BESS at your facility, meaning that you get savings on your electricity costs without incurring any major capital costs. We’re your energy storage partner for the long term, operating and maintaining the BESS for peak performance and efficiency.