Energy Storage for Education Campuses

Energy storage offers a number of benefits to large electricity users, leveraging technology that is increasing exponentially in capability and reliability. From cost savings and improved resilience to enhanced renewable energy performance and reduced environmental impact, energy storage is quickly becoming a critical piece of infrastructure for many campuses.

Education campuses are well suited to the addition of energy storage because their energy consumption can peak during high demand charge periods, leading to skyrocketing costs. The environmental benefits of storage are also important as students and administrators are placing a much higher importance on an institution’s sustainability efforts.

Installing a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on your campus is another ingredient in a larger plan to be more efficient, more environmentally responsible and more energy independent. With energy storage, power is available as needed to smooth out the demand curve and decrease electricity costs as well as provide an alternative source of power for back-up.

Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage Solutions

Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage Solutions

Benefits of installing a BESS with Nexamp:

Nexamp owns and operates the BESS so you get savings without major upfront capital costs

Can be charged by an on-site solar system or with electricity from the utility grid when supply costs are lower

Reduces demand charges by reducing electricity drawn from the grid during peak demand periods

Improves resiliency during natural disasters or other causes of grid failure and power outages

Can be paired with on-site solar and EV charging

Shows your campus is on the leading edge of environmental sustainability

Increases operational efficiencies for campuses with existing Combined Heat and Power or BioMass plants

Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage Solutions

Work with Nexamp

Nexamp is an end-to-end provider of Battery Energy Storage Systems, from design to installation to operations and maintenance.

Nexamp analyzes your electricity usage and designs a system that meets the needs of your facility. We handle all technology procurement and installation of your BESS.

Nexamp owns the BESS at your facility, meaning that you get savings on your electricity costs without incurring any major capital costs. We’re your energy storage partner for the long term, operating and maintaining the BESS for peak performance and efficiency.