Energy Storage for Manufacturers

How much did you pay in ICAP payments and demand charges to your utility last year?

Manufacturers are very familiar with the cost implications of high demand charges. In the current climate, finding ways to reduce ongoing operational costs is key for manufacturers looking for reliable, long-term savings,

Today, installing an energy storage system at your facility is an option for all manufacturers, leveraging technology that is increasing exponentially in capability and reliability. A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) allows manufacturers to smooth out demand by drawing and storing power continuously and then making it available when demand spikes. The result is a reliable source of power that reduces your overall costs by avoiding demand charges and giving you a source of backup power for greater resiliency.

Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage Solutions

Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage Solutions

Benefits of installing a BESS with Nexamp:

FLEXIBLE: a BESS can be charged with electricity from the utility grid when supply costs are low or by an on-site solar system

RESILIENT: Provides a source of backup power during periods of grid failure or power outages

NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT: Nexamp owns and operates the BESS, meaning you share the savings without major upfront investment

NO INTERRUPTION: Installing and integrating a BESS into your facility is done with limited, if any, interruption to your operations

Work with Nexamp

Nexamp is an end-to-end provider of Battery Energy Storage Systems, from design to installation to operations and maintenance.

Nexamp analyzes your electricity usage and designs a system that meets the needs of your facility. We handle all technology procurement and installation of your BESS.

Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage Solutions

Nexamp owns the BESS at your facility, meaning that you get savings on your electricity costs without incurring any major capital costs. We’re your energy storage partner for the long term, operating and maintaining the BESS for peak performance and efficiency.