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We’re Revolutionizing the Future of Clean Energy

Utility of the Future

We’re working with communities, businesses, and municipalities to democratize clean energy and support U.S. energy independence.

Nexamp subscribers receive an average of $275 annual electricity savings, and partners share in the profits of our unique vertically integrated model. Best practices are honored, operations are efficient, and each year our solution expands farther.

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How We Operate

We develop and purchase renewable energy assets at any stage in the project's lifecycle, leveraging Nexamp's unique business model. From Clean Energy Deployment, Customer Acquisition, to Management, we remove strain for all counterparties.

We treat each project like our own, minimizing your risk and exposure.

  • One party for financing, construction, and customer management
  • One of the largest asset acquirers within the community solar industry
  • Established partnerships with multiple developers across the United States
  • A standardized and streamlined project evaluation methodology which allows for rapid and transparent project acquisitions
Help build the future of energy that is clean, simple, and accessible.
Sustainability Commitments Show all sustainability commitments

Being carbon neutral by 2022, with our supply chain carbon neutral by 2030

Recycling all solar panels as they are decommissioned by 2022

Transitioning our entire fleet to all electric by 2025

Piloting programs to deliver zero construction waste to landfills in the near future

Delivering on sustainable land use while following local, state and federal requirements

Offering sheep grazing to progressively improve the land by fostering a lower emissions impact on clean energy maintenance

Ensuring safe conditions, ethical treatment and fair labor practices throughout our business and global supply chain

Creating partnership opportunities for education and technical experience in our host communities

Native pollinator vegetation on select sites

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