Community solar programs make it easy for people to tap into solar energy even if they don’t own their home, don’t have the right roof for solar panels, or find the cost to install solar panels to be too high.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Community solar farms are built and connected to the local electricity grid, generating clean energy.
  2. Utility customers subscribe to these local community solar farms, earning credits that appear on their electricity bill and reduce the amount owed to their utility.
  3. The community solar company bills the customers for these credits, usually at a discount.

Community solar subscribers receive credits on their utility bill through virtual net metering. The number of credits on a subscriber’s utility bill is based on the energy generated by their share of the community solar farm. Community solar companies make sure that subscribers are assigned the right amount of the solar farm to match their annual electricity usage.

At Nexamp, we build and manage community solar farms in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois and Maryland. Our subscribers can save up to 12% annually and there are no upfront costs or fees if you decide to cancel. Plus, Nexamp does not require a credit check, making it even easier to subscribe to community solar.

Watch our video about community solar to learn more or visit our community solar page to find out if there’s a Nexamp community solar farm near you.