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Boost Your Bottom Line With Solar Energy + Storage

What Is Energy Storage?

Energy storage is just as the name implies; it is the technology that stores large amounts of electricity that was generated by any number of sources, including solar. The integration of solar energy + storage represents a critical development in energy storage. The great thing about how solar energy is stored is clean energy that is generated throughout the day, can be saved and used at a later time. The storage of solar power allows access to low-cost energy at all times and provides support to our nation’s electricity grid.

The Benefits of Energy Storage

With a bank of clean energy at your disposal, you can have renewable power at the ready, lower energy costs, and improved grid reliability. Solar energy + storage can help achieve greater sustainability and grid efficiency.

Adds power capacity
Supports the grid
Lowers energy costs
Increases reliability

Energy Storage Applications

Benefits of a Nexamp Battery Energy Storage System
Electricity savings with no major capital costs for you
Ready to use renewable self-generated power
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Access to the grid’s lowest energy prices
Power Bank
Connection with your on-site solar or EV charging stations
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Our partnership from start to finish – we design, build, own, and operate the storage facility

Expertise from start to finish

Solar panel
Hosting a Farm
Steady revenue built on your land or rooftop
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Power Purchase Agreements
Sustainability at scale for commercial users
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Standalone Services
Proven ability from development to management
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Featured Energy Storage Projects


Solar energy + storage represents a major breakthrough for the U.S. electricity sector and can provide many different services to the grid. The services provided by Battery Energy Storage Systems range from the integration of renewable generation, to cost savings and grid stability. The grid needs to balance electricity supply and demand in real-time and traditionally has not been able to keep excess energy for later use. That has now changed with the introduction of solar + storage systems that Nexamp can provide. Our facilities can receive and transfer energy on demand, and our bank is always full, thanks to the sun.

Yes! There are no direct emissions associated with Nexamp’s energy storage systems.

Absolutely. Our nation has been leveraging various technologies for energy storage since the 1930s, and today it is equivalent to approximately 2% of U.S. generation capacity. It’s just as safe as other electricity generation, transmission, and distribution technologies, yet it also supports a healthier environment for all by integrating more renewable generation. Newer solar energy + storage technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, are the same technology that you find in electric vehicles, smartphones, laptop computers, and other electronics. However, when figuring out how to store solar energy, one needs to consider whether the potential provider can offer the top storage options in terms of efficiency for any given situation.

In extreme weather or other events when electricity supply goes down or demand goes up, the price of energy usually spikes to cover demand. These charges are known as “time-of-use” or “peak” prices as they are directly linked to when the energy is needed. Energy storage offers a bank of ready-to-use energy at all times, thus mitigating higher prices and eliminating the need to pull in dirtier generation sources to meet that demand.

Yes! Our facilities are interconnected with the grid and can store any form of energy. We’re open to all, like always.

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