Optimize Your Organization With Clean Energy

Simplify energy savings & streamline environmental objectives with Nexamp's end-to-end service offerings.

How Does It Work?

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Your organization subscribes to a Nexamp community solar farm
Earn utility bill credits once the farm is built & connected to the grid​
Pay Nexamp for these utility bill credits at a discount​
Your organization saves annually on electricity costs

How Crediting Works

For now, you will receive two bills: one from your energy provider and one from Nexamp. Community Solar Credits are applied to your utility bill. Credits will vary seasonally, but your allocation is sized to meet nearly all of your annual needs.

Billing Example
Your organization’s electricity bill was $150.
Its share of the solar farm generated $100 in credits, which reduced the bill to $50.
You pay the remaining $50 balance to your electricity provider.
Nexamp invoices you separately for the $100 worth of credits at a 10% discount. So, you only pay $90 and save $10 in total.

Choose which invoice setup will work best for your business:

Nexamp Invoicing
Individual bills for each location
Consolidated bill for all locations


While the credits your organization earns are discounted, they are not free. Once they've been applied to your electricity bills, reducing the total, you'll receive an invoice from Nexamp minus your guaranteed discount.


Once credits have been applied to your organization's electricity bills, reducing the total, Nexamp invoices you for them at a discount. With this pay-as-you-go model, you'll always save before you pay.

The credits your organization earns are applied to its electricity bills, reducing the total. Nexamp then charges you for these credits at a discount. Even though you're getting two bills, both are discounted.

You can refer to the production period listed on your Nexamp invoice, which describes when the credits were produced. Only after these credits are produced will your utility apply them to your bills. Typically, you will see those credits applied to the first utility bill after the end of that production period.

How it works:

1. Your share of the solar farm produces energy
2. Credits for that share of energy are applied to your utility bill
3. Nexamp invoices you for those credits, at a discount

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