Already a leader in environmental stewardship, Big Y World Class Market has taken the next step in supporting the production and consumption of clean energy by contracting with Boston-based Nexamp to participate in its community solar program. Under the agreement with Nexamp, Big Y is subscribing to 19 solar projects across Massachusetts, representing a total of 57 Megawatts of capacity. Big Y will receive 50% of the energy credits generated by these projects.

“These agreements are the latest example of how community solar can benefit energy users of all sizes, from businesses to residential customers,” noted Chris Clark, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Nexamp. “As an anchor offtaker across multiple projects, Big Y will realize significant energy savings while also supporting renewable energy in its local communities. Big Y has made it clear that environmental stewardship is an important part of its mission.”

The projects included in Big Y’s agreement with Nexamp are located in Massachusetts in the National Grid and Eversource utility service territories. Big Y and other subscribers to these community solar projects are allocated a portion of the project’s output and receive discounted credits on their utility bill.

“We have already installed solar panels at several of our stores and operations centers, so the opportunity to participate in the Nexamp community solar program fits perfectly with our long-term sustainability goals as an organization. By offsetting more of our energy consumption with clean energy, we are expanding our Green Initiative and making even more of an impact. We understand that embracing renewable energy can take many forms and are excited to have community solar as part of our corporate efforts,” said Gary Kuchyt, Manager of Energy & Sustainability, Big Y.

Headquartered in Springfield, Mass., Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England, with nearly 80 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts and more than 12,000 employees. Nexamp operates hundreds of solar farms, generating clean energy that is fed into local utility grids and sharing the value of that energy with subscribers to help them reduce their electric bills.

Additional capacity remains on Nexamp projects across multiple markets and utility service territories. Businesses interested in learning more about the commercial offtaker program should visit