The Cape Ann Beacon: “EBSCO provides a blueprint for going green” November 11, 2009. IPSWICH – Doing the right thing for the right reasons can bring many benefits to the workplace, to the employees and to a company’s bottom line.

Just ask the Ipswich-based international Web publishing and database company, EBSCO, which has saved an estimated $80,000 annually on its utility bills alone through a fledgling environmental program led by employee volunteers dubbed the “green team”.

From the solar-heated water employees use to the sneakers on employees’ feet, which the company collects and turns in for recycling when they’re worn out, EBSCO rarely misses an opportunity to turn off a computer, turn down the heat, convert to more efficient lighting or reduce its paper use – even if some of the return on investment, like solar panels, reaches out 15 years, based on current energy prices. Link to Article