Governor Deval Patrick’s “State of the Commonwealth” Address – January 21, 2010. BOSTON, MASS- In his annual “State of the Commonwealth” address last night, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick called out Nexamp President, COO, and Founder Dan Leary’s work as a shining example of what it means to invest in clean energy.

He said: “Investing in clean and alternative energy, or the life sciences and biotech, means Dan Leary, an Iraq War vet, can hire more people at his solar installation company in North Andover (I think he’s up to 45 so far); and Randy Moquin can get trained, get off unemployment and go to work as an energy auditor out in Springfield; and Josh Hamilton can build a Center for Regenerative Medicine in Woods Hole and start to transform the future of human health.” Link to Full Transcript of Governor Patrick’s Speech