Mass Recovery and Reinvestment Office, June 4, 2010. A little over three years ago, Nexamp, a clean energy company, had three employees and a lot of interest in making its mark on the solar industry in Massachusetts.

Today, Nexamp has 62 employees thanks in large part to a stimulus-funded contract to install 13 solar array projects across the state totaling 4.1 MegaWatts of solar installation.

“Stimulus is keeping the solar industry thriving,” says Will Thompson, Nexamp’s senior vice president in charge of construction.

Nexamp was founded by Dan Leary, a former Army captain, in his garage. He was soon joined by Thompson, who was also a captain in the army and another employee. The company grew slowly but once it secured the stimulus contract — the largest solar procurement in the Commonwealth’s history – its growth rate exploded. Link to Article