Nexamp, Inc. is expanding access to solar energy across western Massachusetts with new community solar farms under construction in Hadley and Amherst. These sites join other Nexamp facilities in the region, making it possible for area residents to reduce their monthly electric bills and support renewable energy sources with no up-front investment or long-term contract. Anyone who gets power from WMECO/Eversource can subscribe to one of these farms.

Community solar is a program in which residents subscribe at no cost to a share of a local solar farm rather than installing solar panels on their own home. Many people may not have a roof suitable for solar panels, may rent their home or apartment, or may not have the resources to purchase solar panels, making community solar an important option. By subscribing to a solar farm, consumers save 15% on their regular utility bill, reducing monthly expenses while supporting needed renewable energy that will help achieve Massachusetts’ ambitious sustainability goals.

“Nexamp is committed to making solar power accessible and affordable for everyone, even if they don’t have the ability to install solar panels on their home or building for any reason,” says Zaid Ashai, CEO, Nexamp. “Community solar fuels the growth of local, renewable energy and these new farms will make it even easier for consumers to benefit in this region.”

Community solar is growing quickly across the state. Each location features a large solar array that generates power fed to the local grid. The utility issues credits for that energy, and those credits are shared among subscribers to help reduce their regular monthly bill.

Anyone interested in participating should visit to sign up or get more information.

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