Company expands its portfolio of storage assets driving market transformation

March 22, 2022 – Nexamp has completed two energy storage projects, marking another milestone toward the buildout of a cleaner and more resilient regional power grid. Co-located with existing Nexamp community solar farms in Massachusetts, the battery storage projects will provide critical frequency regulation services for the ISO New England market in addition to other grid functions. Nexamp’s national portfolio includes hundreds of existing solar generation assets and is expanding quickly to include a broad spectrum of storage capabilities.

The projects are located in the grid-congested area of Central Massachusetts, in the National Grid service area. Brockelman Road is a solar + storage project capable of generating 1.7 megawatts (MW) of solar energy alongside 1 MW/2 megawatt-hours (MWh) of battery storage, while Clark Road is a solar + storage project with 7.1 MW of solar capacity and 3 MW/6.1 MWh of storage. Both participate in the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, which provides incentives for co-located solar and storage projects.

“Energy storage is critical for our ability to deploy renewable energy to broadly resolve issues of energy security and climate change,” says Mark Frigo, Vice President of Energy Storage, Nexamp. “Our dozens of storage projects under development fulfill a variety of functions and use cases for a diverse group of customers. With each project that goes live we not only create value for our customers, but also contribute to a cleaner grid that is more stable and resilient.”

The storage projects participate in the Massachusetts Clean Peak Energy Standard program as well as ISO New England’s capacity and frequency regulation markets. The Clean Peak Energy Standard program provides incentives to clean energy technologies that supply electricity or reduce demand during times of peak power usage. The capacity and frequency regulation markets fulfill reliability functions for the regional power market, deploying resources to avoid outages and ensure that sufficient supply is online to support the power grid.

Nexamp and Borrego collaborated to make this project a reality. “Nexamp and Borrego share a long history of helping Massachusetts advance on the promise of a cleaner, more resilient energy future for its residents and businesses. Our shared commitment to quality development and vision for a decarbonized future is once again bringing reliable savings and meaningful grid improvements to the Commonwealth,” notes Nexamp Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, John Murphy.

“We value our longstanding relationship with Nexamp and have partnered with them on many projects in Massachusetts and elsewhere,” said Brendan Neagle, Borrego EVP of Project Finance. “Our companies leveraged our experiences as early adopters of storage and solar-plus-storage systems in the Commonwealth to bring these projects to fruition, working in close cooperation with all project stakeholders.”

In addition to the energy storage solutions Nexamp is developing alongside its own solar generation facilities, the company offers a variety of on-site battery storage solutions, with and without solar, to help companies, utilities, and other organizations reduce electricity costs and realize a variety of reliability benefits. These solutions can also provide clean, consistent, and stable power for sensitive operations. For more information on Nexamp energy storage solutions, visit

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