NEW YORK, NY – October 10, 2017 Nexamp, Inc., a leading provider of solar energy solutions, today announced the expansion of its Solarize My Bill™ community solar program into the state of New York. Through the program, residents, small businesses, and non-profits across the Empire State will be eligible to benefit from reduced energy costs by subscribing to a share of one of Nexamp’s many local solar projects.

At the time of this announcement, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) reports only a handful of operational community solar projects currently serving New York residents. Within the next year, Nexamp expects to have about a dozen community solar projects operating in New York, opening up the market for the thousands of customers who can’t install solar on their own property or otherwise participate in NYSERDA programs. The company was recently selected as a developer partner for RenewableNY’s Community Shared Solar Solarize Campaign, and works with local officials, neighborhood associations, and non-profits to expand and equalize access to clean energy.

Solarize My Bill’s focus on inclusivity aims to remove the barriers that have slowed community solar adoption and prevented many interested community members from supporting locally generated clean energy. The program eliminates credit checks, long-term contracts and up-front costs, simplifying the enrollment process and expanding access to to electricity cost savings. Solarize My Bill subscribers receive credit directly on their utility bill for the electricity generated by a portion of a nearby Nexamp community solar project, reducing the amount owed to the utility each month.

“As New York strives to meet its admirable renewable energy targets and cultivate a vibrant community solar market, Nexamp will be there to help promote our shared vision of a clean energy future,” said Zaid Ashai, Chief Executive Officer of Nexamp. “We’re excited to bring our extensive experience and proven track record to New York, putting the benefits of solar power within reach for more individuals and communities and, in the process, creating jobs that help drive local economies.”

Through the end of the year, Nexamp expects to reach nearly 50 MW of operational community solar projects, and is preparing to enter construction on a substantial pipeline of additional development assets. The company continues to invest in organic projects and acquisitions across New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, and explore several additional new markets.

About Nexamp:

Nexamp is leading the transformation to the new energy economy with proven solutions for the deployment and operation of solar energy assets. Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire solar project lifecycle – from project development, design and construction, through financing, operations and maintenance. Our integrated, best-in-class solutions make solar energy simple and profitable for our clients and community solar partners.

With a rapidly expanding network of property owners, businesses, communities and residents benefitting from our growing portfolio of solar assets across the US, Nexamp and our partners are laying the groundwork for a cleaner, more secure energy future. Visit to learn more about the program.

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