Nexamp sample project

Nexamp today announced the launch of its Developer Accelerator Program, designed specifically for DG solar and storage developers seeking operational flexibility and execution certainty across the industry’s most promising growth markets. The program, which combines a competitive source of development and working capital with access to Nexamp’s uniquely integrated approach, represents a natural evolution for the company’s development partnership efforts.

Consistently ranked a top asset owner nationally, Nexamp has augmented its own organic development achievements with more than 500 MW of successful DG project acquisitions to date through collaboration with a wide variety of developer partners. The company—which also performs in-house construction, O&M, community solar customer acquisition and management, and a full range of consumer services—has secured more than $1.5 billion in capital commitments for its project portfolio over the past 18 months alone.

Nexamp’s Developer Accelerator Program brings that capacity to an increasingly crowded field of qualified developers seeking pipeline scale in a highly competitive environment. By enabling partnership at an earlier stage in the development lifecycle, Nexamp aims to bolster the chances of individual project and overall pipeline success for its qualified partners.

“This industry is blessed with talented development teams that share our climate mission and operating values of integrity and equity,” said Zaid Ashai, Nexamp’s CEO. “We’re arming those teams with the resources they need to advance their projects with confidence and access to a like-minded partner to help work through any roadblocks along the way.”

The program was conceived as a developer-friendly model that mirrors the company’s internal development methods, offering resources and responsiveness at a level often out of reach for smaller teams. Similar to its groundbreaking community solar product design, Nexamp expects its customer-oriented approach to deliver a flexible, industry-leading solution. Initial partnerships have focused on active community solar markets, though the company is considering expanding options to cover burgeoning market programs currently under development.

“Nexamp has earned a reputation for introducing innovative solutions that simplify and accelerate the deployment of renewables, and this program is reflective of that intent,” said John Murphy, SVP of Corporate Development for Nexamp. “We’re not merely providing development capital; we aim to unlock the full potential of our development and policy expertise, leading engineering and construction talent, and efficient legal and financing capacity to bring a streamlined, best-in-class option to our growing network of developer partners.”

Emilie Flanagan, Founder and Managing Director of Carson Power, agrees. “When I launched Carson Power, there was no shortage of options available to fund our development efforts, so experience, philosophy, and fit were deciding factors in our choice of partners. With Nexamp, I truly feel like a part of their development team, and their first-rate financing, EPC, and operations capability gives me the peace of mind and independence to focus on what we do best: developing quality projects and leading the clean energy transformation across New York State.”

Interested developers are encouraged to contact Nexamp to learn more about the program and current eligible markets.