Nexamp began in Massachusetts in 2007 as a local provider of rooftop solar, microwind, energy efficiency, and other services. Then, by passing a virtual net metering bill in 2008 as part of the Green Communities Act (SB 2768), the Massachusetts legislature enabled community solar and Nexamp leaders saw an opportunity to truly reshape the energy landscape by making the benefits of solar more widely available to all residents. Other states followed suit and Nexamp continued to expand its community solar footprint nationwide.

Fast forward to 2023, and we are about to see a community solar program launched in California through AB 2316, a bill that calls for California’s utility regulator to approve final community solar programs by the summer of 2024. Now signed by Governor Newsom, it has supporters excited that the state may finally be on its way to addressing issues such as resilience, climate change and equity with a program that has been modeled on the learnings from implementation in other states.

Further bolstered by the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which contains a variety of provisions that will incentivize important components such as workforce development, domestic manufacturing, and energy storage, California’s program could be a real game-changer. But to get there, the industry needs workers who are looking for a rewarding career, passionate about the energy transition and ready to learn new skills.

At Nexamp, we have nearly tripled our team in the past few years with offices in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, and now a growing presence in the West Region. What do all our offices have in common? A collaborative environment in which team members learn, grow, and thrive while building the future of energy. From business development, project finance, engineering and construction to operations, customer management, and marketing, Nexamp does it all. And we need enthusiastic professionals at every level to join us.

Not long from now, experts will reflect back on the days when the California community solar market really got going. We’ll be a powerful force in bringing the benefits of that progress to bear. The climate is changing, communities all across the country are feeling the effects, and change is needed. Equitable access to clean energy is a right, one that we are committed to delivering. So we’ll be out at more events looking for the right people to seize this opportunity and be part of the Nexamp team building the solution.