Yes! Solar energy is a reliable, cost-efficient, and future-proof solution for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. When paired with battery storage and all-electric appliances, it’s 100% possible to run your entire home on solar energy.

Determine Your Annual Energy Usage

When designing your PV (photovoltaic solar) system, it’s important to understand how much energy your home consumes annually. This will dictate how many solar panels you need. From there, it’s all about positioning. Solar panels work best when they receive direct sunlight from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Limited shade and a south-facing roof are ideal, but not necessary. The goal of an effective PV system is to generate as much, if not more, energy than you consume annually.

Add Battery Storage

This will allow you to save the excess energy your solar panels produced during the day. So, when the sun goes down or production slows because it’s cold, you’ll still have solar energy to draw from. Adding battery storage also means you can go off the grid. No longer subjected to demand charges and the rising price of natural gas, your electricity costs will go down and stay down.

Switch to All-Electric Appliances

If you want to run your entire home on solar power, you’ll need to switch out gas appliances for all-electric. Luckily, in 2023, you’ll receive a 30% tax credit for doing so. When the Inflation Reduction Act was passed in August of 2022, over 350 billion dollars were invested in our clean energy future and part of this funding was directed towards energy-efficient and clean energy home improvements. You can leverage this tax credit to upgrade your appliances, heat pumps, water heaters, windows, doors, and insulation. All these changes will reduce your energy usage and costs, making it much easier to run your home on solar power alone.

Consider Nexamp Community Solar

While PV solar systems are a great solution, they are not a viable option for all Americans. To install the panels, you need to own your home, have the right shaped roof, and be able to cover the upfront costs. If you’re interested in solar energy but a PV solar system is out of reach, consider joining a Nexamp community solar farm! There’s no need to put panels on your roof, no upfront costs, and it's an easy way to save 10-15% on electricity costs. Support the transition away from fossil fuels by exploring the best solar energy option for you!