Hey everyone it’s Farah from Nexamp and we’re here today with our friend Spencer from EnergySage.

– Thanks so much for having me.

– Yeah, thanks for coming. For those of you who are unfamiliar with EnergySage they are the first and only online comparison marketplace for solar which is why we’ve brought Spencer here today to help us debunk a couple myths you’ve probably heard before. What’s a common solar myth that you’ve heard while being at EnergySage?

– Yeah, one of the most frequent myths we hear at EnergySage is that solar is just too expensive. That may have been the case 15 or even 10 years ago but today it really no longer is the case. Certainly in the context of how quickly you’ll have a return on your investment if you decide to go solar. On EnergySage we see that solar shoppers are comparing quotes with an average payback period of under eight years nationally. So in 2018 if you were going solar through EnergySage your panels would pay for themselves in eight years which is pretty remarkable.