One Earth – that’s all we have. And throughout the last several decades we, humans, have been generating an increasing amount of greenhouse gases with the impact apparent all around us. Wildfires have increased and grown more devastating and destructive at an alarming rate. Stronger hurricanes continue to batter the Caribbean and Atlantic coast lines. Most recently, an arctic blast in the South-Central United States left millions of families without heat or power.

This is not a normal or sustainable trend. And it is not enough to just stop the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. In order to limit the impact of climate change, we must set aggressive goals to reduce emissions. And to meet those goals, we must move as a country towards decarbonization.

Decarbonization means the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the reliance on carbon-dependent power sources.

Decarbonization requires all hands-on deck. It has to be a collective effort – individual and at industry scale, forging a path towards a decarbonized future. Here at Nexamp, we’re committed to this goal and our solar farms and storage is just the beginning of where our commitment will go in the future.

It’s also going to require states to be bold on climate policy to make it possible for more individuals to address their carbon footprint.

Introducing Decarbonize50. We want to give you the tools to understand how the state where you live is progressing towards the goal of decarbonization. Throughout May and June, we’ll be diving into which states are more ambitious and which states need more improvement across 5 areas that are critical to decarbonization.

  1. Clean Electricity Generation and Consumption
  2. Electric Vehicles & Transportation
  3. Environmental Justice
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Clean Energy Policy

Come back to regularly and follow us on social media to see our latest updates to Decarbonize50.

Time is running out. Let’s make this decarbonization journey together.