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Our collective experience right now has reminded us that our actions affect others, and that we’re more interconnected than we ever imagined – not just in health and wellness, but on the planet we share together.

At Nexamp, we believe that our responsibility to preserving the planet doesn’t begin and end in a conference room. Or in our case now, right from home. Although we might not physically be able to volunteer this Earth Day, there are still plenty of ways we’re showing our appreciation for the planet, right from our homes. This year, we’re looking back and reminiscing on last year’s third-annual volunteer day at the Fenway Victory Gardens.

Right in the center of Boston, across from the notable Fenway Park, lies the only remaining operating Victory Gardens in the United States. Dating back to 1942, the gardens were established to provide land for cultivating food during World War II. Today, over 500 garden plots extend across 7.5-acres of land spilling over with flowers, vegetables, herb gardens, ponds and wildlife. The gardens provide a peaceful retreat for many Bostonians, where they can take a break from the intensity of city living by escaping to a green oasis.

The gardens are tended by a diverse group of community members and organizations in the Greater Boston area and offers outside individuals and organizations many ways to participate in volunteering. After two rain delays, Nexamp was finally fortunate enough to address immediate needs at the Fenway Victory Gardens. From tackling invasive vegetation to clearing the Butterfly Garden in preparation for planting, Nexampers got to enjoy getting their hands dirty and giving back to their community, with the warmth of the sun on their faces.

Check out our day at the garden plots below:

While it seems like all of life has halted, nature still continues to keep moving forward. Be sure to check some ways you can take action this Earth Day, right from your home.