There’s an ebb and flow when it comes to our output as humans on this Earth. And with the drum of the climate crisis beating faster, solutions can sometimes feel beyond us or out of reach. While every day serves as an opportunity to realign our actions with our values, Earth Day reminds us to get involved and to keep educating ourselves.

This Earth Day, Nexampers came together to do something positive for the natural spaces around them. Here’s a look into our Earth Day across multiple locations:

The Muddy River Clean-up

This year marked the 23rd Annual Earth Day Charles River Cleanup, which builds on a national effort as part of American Rivers’ National River Cleanup. To date, the organization has removed 25 million pounds of trash from America’s waterways. Nexampers, in partnership with Charles River Watershed Association, combed up and down the shorelines of the Charles River for trash and debris, soaking in some vitamin D, all while helping their local environment!

Local Forest Clean-up

The Chicago team braved the cold and rainy morning to help participate in this year’s park clean up at a local forest preserve. Big thanks to this fantastic crew who helped with our Earth Day litter pick up.

Spring Bike Tune-up Masterclass

Did you know May is bike month? What better way to help the environment than trading four wheels for two! Nexampers were ready to get their bikes in tip-top shape with the help and guidance of Nexamp’s own Chief of Bikes, Ian Marlier. They learned how to tune up their bikes in person (and virtually) to get their wheels ready for the spring.

Virtual Lunch and Learn

In addition to our onsite clean ups, Nexamp hosted a virtual lunch and learn on Harnessing the Power of Climate Emotions. Nexampers came prepared with an open heart, mind, pen, and paper. Calling upon the work of eco philosophers and climate anxiety professionals, they explored the intersection of climate and mental health. Armed with tools to help them harness the power of these big emotions, they left feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed.

Earth Day is one of the many service days we come together to listen, learn, and act. Service days are integral to who we are as a company and who we want to be. We’re proud of our Nexamp community and everyone, everywhere, working towards a healthier, cleaner and brighter world.