With the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8th casting a shadow, albeit temporarily, over solar energy generation, the focus on energy storage has never been sharper. This event underscores the importance of energy storage solutions that maintain a consistent power supply, even when solar resources are momentarily unavailable. At Nexamp, we understand how important energy storage is in ensuring resilience and are working to incorporate storage into all our projects

Understanding Energy Storage:

Energy storage systems play a pivotal role in our energy landscape, capturing energy when it is abundant and releasing it when demand surges or supply drops. This capability is essential for stabilizing the electrical grid not only during unusual events like solar eclipses but also in our everyday life. Every night and on cloudy days, when solar panels are less effective, energy storage systems ensure a steady supply of electricity, maintaining grid stability and reliability. This demonstrates the critical role of storage in energy security—it's not just about energy savings; it's about ensuring a resilient and secure energy supply around the clock and under any conditions.

The Advantages of Energy Storage:

As the Vice President of Energy Storage at Nexamp, Mark Frigo, puts it, “Energy storage is increasingly important in adding value and resilience to solar energy generation, and with the addition of energy storage, each project is better able to serve the needs of the grid. We are seeing a vast improvement in the performance and efficiency of storage technology and expect this to continue, making it a key component of many of our projects in the future. Storage is certainly critical in making the availability of all forms of renewable energy seamless and reliable.”

Benefits of Storage

  • Enhancing grid stability by providing power when it's most needed.
  • Maximizing the utilization of renewable sources like solar.
  • Reducing reliance on fossil-fuel-based peaker plants, which are high-cost, high-emission facilities used during demand spikes.
  • Creating a more flexible and resilient energy system capable of withstanding events like solar eclipses.

The April 8th eclipse is making the need for storage abundantly clear.

Nexamp’s Storage Achievements:

At the end of 2023, Nexamp celebrated a significant milestone—reaching 100 MWh of operational energy storage across 22 projects in Massachusetts and New York. This achievement marks Nexamp's commitment to strengthening the grid and propelling the shift to renewable energy. With over 5 GWh of energy storage in development and ongoing retrofits to enhance existing projects, Nexamp is actively expanding its influence and capability across the national energy landscape, reinforcing its role in the clean energy transition.

Energy storage is not merely an add-on to solar projects; it is becoming a fundamental component of the energy landscape. It allows for a more resilient grid that can withstand variations in energy generation, such as those caused by the natural phenomenon of an eclipse. At Nexamp, reaching 100 MWh of operational energy storage is not just about achieving a milestone; it's about recognizing the critical need for energy storage and actively advancing the deployment of these solutions. We're committed to enhancing the grid's stability and supporting the transition to renewable energy, ensuring that our communities have reliable power, even in the most unpredictable moments.